Tuesday’s Travels: Deià – Mallorcas hippie hideaway (via The Constant Traveller)

For those of you new to my blog welcome to Tuesday’s Travels, my wish list of locations to visit when I leave the states. Sometimes it is no more than a restaurant or a local notable or it could be a whole other country entirely, it is simply somewhere I would like to go during my Mallorca Year.

One of my favorite places to get advice on where to go is other blogs. Who better to give advice on what is good, tasty or fantastic than people who have been there before? Maybe I wouldn’t agree with what they have said if I was there myself but, that’s not the point. They are post perfect if I want to be there and not here when I read their post so, here is today’s Tuesday’s Travel.

With Joy

Deià - Mallorcas hippie hideaway I have raved about Mallorca before, and now I going to share with you one of Mallorca´s hidden gems. Deià – Mallorcas Hippie hideaway. The village is located on the west-coast of Mallorca, and is a 40 minutes drive from Palma. I would recommend to rent a car, so you can make daytrips from Deià to the various markets ect., but you can take a bus from Palma. It has one of the best beaches in Mallorca – Cala Deià. The writer and war-poet Robert Grav … Read More

via The Constant Traveller