Palacio de Oriente (Palacio Real de Madrid)

Palacio Real

The Palacio de Orient, as it is know by its true name, is the official residence for the king of Spain in Madrid. While the palace has not been occupied by ahead of state since Manuel Azaña, the president of the second republic, the building has lost little of its magnificence.

Camo del Moro

Finished in 1755 the palacio, palace in Spanish, was built on the site of the original castle which burned to the ground in 1734. The order wasgiven to make this palace the grandest in Europe and indeed, it is said to be one of the finest. Surrounded by two stunning plaza, the Plaza de Armería and the Plaza de Orient, and two world renound gardens, Campo del Moro and Sabatini gardens.

ArmoryThe interior is filled with art from not only Spain’s great artists but from Europe’s. Today the interior available to public scrutiny includes one of Spain’s oldest and well kept libraries as well as, what is considered, one of the finest and most complete collections of armor in the world.

Personally I have always been fascinated by palaces and royalty, especially historically. I grew up imagining that I would go back in time and all of my fantasies would come true about what it meant to walk these halls in their heyday. Even as I grew up and began to understand the realities of the times in which people lived I maintained the desire to glimpse that world. Today I dream of visiting the halls of this palace and becoming a princess, for a moment, in my mind.