¡La Vida Loca!

Today’s word is loco(a). An easy word to translate loco can be masculine or feminine (loca) and literally means CRAZY!

Special thanks to Vida Loca for letting me use their image

Crazy, which is what my life has been of late. The first week of classes is nearly half way over here at the University and I can already feel the smooth and rapid rhythm that is my schedule pull me back under, as if the summer never happened. It is like returning to the womb, minus all the shrinking and dark damp spaces. Ok, so maybe I took that analogy a little too far but, you get the picture right?

A quick not to my loyal readers, I apologize for my stark absence over the last few weeks and will be back blogging and forward blogging over the next few weeks so keep yourself posted. If I ever sound a little distorted blame it on my desire to warp the time space continuum that is online blogs.