eat, DRINK and be merry

While I cannot speak for all college students I believe I am safe in saying that alcohol plays some part in your college experience. While I am far from denying that I will be sad to leave a country where I cannot legally drink to enter one where I can, I must admit that it is something atypical which gives me the most delight. I will be able to enjoy good alcohol. The kind of fine wine and robust beer which was given to me as a child to teach me what it meant to really enjoy alcohol, not simply seek out the appeal of drunkenness.

Where is this going you ask? Well there several wine festivals across the island. The one I have just discovered is the Binissalem wine festival. It is better described by true Mallorcans in the links listed at the end of this blog. Though I think that the video says a lot about what the festival has to offer.

I am always game for a festival and this one seams to offer its own particular charm. Filled with otherworldly people and some of the richest and most common local wines on the island. This is one I would love to check out next September when I hope to grace the island of Mallorca.

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