The word is nearly the same in every language. Yet, however you say it, hot chocolate congers up fond memories and mouthwatering desire. I personally would love to check out what this avid, and well spoken blogger, calls Mallorca’s best cocoa.

mallorcan chocolate found here.

seriously check it out. And then, if you are interested, come back and read about why I’m writing about it.


  1. I simply love food and drink of all kinds. I fell in love with the rich chocolate of Spain through it’s origins in Mexico several summers ago. Now I drink it whenever I have a chance.
  2. There is a great history behind this particular spot
  3. I wanted to introduce you to a great blog.
  4. There is a theme this week…. Dates. So, I have this semi-blind date on Wednesday that I am nervous about so, I am writing about it here. Oh ya, we are going to coffee. That is why I picked this. Check tomorrow to learn about how to say blind date and Thursday’s quote should give you a hint on how it went.