Four to go!

That’s right there are four steps to go in my application process to study in Palma, but before I get into that let me give you a brief overview of what I have done. (If you make it to the end there is a video treat) 🙂


  1. Basic Information and academic information – this information is simple and fill in the  blank. If you have ever filled out a scholarship or job application, or college application for that matter. This will be easy and basic. Time ~ 20 min
  2. Transcripts – this process was easy enough. All I was required to do was send a copy of my oficial transcript to their offices. Time ~5 min
  3. Terms and conditions of the program – While this should be a simple enough task, I experienced a lot of user error while completing this portion. When you are required to read the terms and conditions it opens a window which fills your scree. I did not realize this and was closing out and reloading the previous page so the program would not let me confirm that I had read the terms and conditions. However this was also when I realized how wonderfully helpful the staff at CIEE are as they assisted me through this process. There were no hitches once I asked for help. time (me) ~ 1 hr. (should be) ~ 5 min.
  4. Various Submissions in Progress – there are several forms that you have to send out to other parties to have filled out, most importantly a confirmation that your university will accept credit for your time abroad and a language proficiency form filled out by a recent professor.


  1. This is the BIG ONE: An essay which shows both my skill at writing is Spanish but also my reasons for wanting to study in Palma de Mallorca.
  2. Scholarship info: this one seams self explanatory. Gotta wait for my taxes to be done though! 🙂
  3. My passport scan: OK so this has ore to do with I keep forgetting to bring my passport to work than anything else, but if you are looking to apply you should get your passport in order. Otherwise you will be waiting on something silly to submit your application
  4. A meeting with my study abroad advisor: set up for next TUESDAY!

OK the video


3 comments on “Four to go!

  1. Sure you´ll get it!

    Now it´s a bit cold in the island but soon we will have our lovely spring… and then the summer! You´re going to enjoy a lot of good moments.

    Where and what are you going to study?

    See you soon in Mallorca!

    • Thank you for the confidence in a woman you have never met. 🙂 It is heartening to know someone else is cheering. I cannot imagine it is too cold in Palma right now, though that may be due more to comparisons of the Midwest than anything else.

      I hope to be studying at la Universitat de les Illes Balears with CIEE. I am a Spanish and Economics major here at The University of Iowa and was told there was no other program that would allow me such a great opportunity to cover both of my majors in such a beautiful setting.

      I can only pray I get accepted and enjoy my day dreams. 🙂

      • I guess it´s going to be a funny situation, hahaha.

        Anyway, sure you´re going to enjoy it.

        Whenever you are in Majorca, send me an email. There will be a coffee and a ensaimada waiting for you!

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