Three More and Weather Soars!

First you get an application update and then… A WEATHER UPDATE! I know… I know. Don’t be so Midwestern, but it is true! (trust me)


1. So I pulled a stupid this week and missed my appointment with my study abroad adviser. As my friend would say “Face. Palm. Slide” I completely wrote it on the wrong day. :/ The schedules for the Study Abroad office were packed this week, students are getting ready for studying abroad over spring break, but I did manage to secure a spot on Friday. *sigh of relief*

2. I finally remembered to bring my passport to work with me and have that all taken care of, though not without a few hitches. The obvious sometimes escapes me and I inserted a “facebook pic” instead of a professional pic. On top of that I hit submit, which meant the information was locked int. Luckily CIEE staff came to the rescue again and reset the information so that I could change it. One more step down, three to go!


Yesterday it was a warm and sunny here in Iowa as it was in Palma. It was a miraculous feeling getting up and thinking, this is what it could be like for a very long time! It was beautiful. I can’t wait to not need a warm down coat, a hat, mittens, and a scarf, just so I can be both sweaty and hot and cold and windburned when I get to class.

The today it was foggy. A thick kind of fog that normally rolls off of large bodies of water. Where the whole world seams to have disappeared into a dense cloud of white and even the birds sound muted. I miss this kind of fog. Dense fog I have really only ever seen coming off of Lake Superior and which I can dream rolls off of the Mediterranean. I can’t wait to see if there is a difference. But, until I do, Hasta Luego and to my family remember I love you like a dentist loves crooked teeth.


2 comments on “Three More and Weather Soars!

  1. Thank you K.Tims for the update. Honestly I would love to see some snow and experience that wonderful feeling of cold air in the morning. It is strange to be so warm. I was hoping my last winter at home for a while would be one to remember, though it is being one to remember for different reasons. Besides it is harder to fanitcise about what warm weather feels like when you are experiencing it. It might sound strange, but even with warmth, absence makes the heart grow fonder. 🙂 Thank you for the pictures as well I just might have to share them with everyone else as well.

  2. K. Tims says:

    Well, here in Palma we also had a weather update – pfew!
    Today SNOW all day. You can check it out on where I’ve found some pics of Palma bay, cathedral and old town covered in snow.

    But don’t worry, usually it is lovely weather here! On that site they also show 2 links to live streaming cameras in Palma by the way, so you can check out the weather (and views!) for yourself.

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