Mallorcan Almonds

Today’s thought is a re-blog. 🙂

Growing up in Minnesota, we had a honey crisp apple tree (developed at the University of MN) in our front yard. I could not wait every year for the apple tree to bloom. I can’t wait to see this new pink flour and smell the new aroma of almonds. I wonder if it will have the same sweet smell of spring.

The Mallorca Photo Blog

Almonds in Mallorca are not in full bloom quite yet but, the first signs of the imminent beginning of the almond blossom season are apparent all over the island. The mild January weather helped the crop albeit there was a severe lack of rain so far. There may be plenty of almonds this year of a smaller size than usual, unless we get some rain in February. As it happens, rain is forecast for today and tomorrow and snow is forecast in Mallorca’s higher regions above 400 m from tomorrow night.

Our daughter baked a cake last night as a birthday token. She used almond blossoms as part of the decoration (see photo below). The flowers are edible.

The kernels of the bitter almond (Amygdalus communis) are a good source of amygdaline. According to both, Oriental Medicine and alternative medicine, these kernels are anti-carcinogenic. In Chinese pharmacology…

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