Weather Reversal

Welcome to the new week!

I know last week I wrote about the crazy weather we have been having here in Iowa, but Palma (and the rest of Europe too) has been experiencing a strangely cool spell lately. So much so, that they were the ones watching the snow fall on Saturday, not me, I was watching the rain. I was fortunate enough to be sent a link to a wonderful set of pictures of Palma covered in snow. I do believe it is quite breathtakingly beautiful. I hope you enjoy.

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Interview Mallorca

While waiting for our first face to face talk with an interesting fellow islander, we wouldn’t want you to miss out on these great images of Mallorca covered in snow.

As we speak the snow is still twirling down on the old town of Palma. Thanks to Christiane Pfleger of Europalma Mallorca Properties, you can view live streaming video of the old town getting covered. Click on the link ‘Camera Palma Old Town‘ on the left of this page.

And for live streaming video of a spectacular snow covered view of Palma harbour, Passeo Maritimo and the cruise ships, we are welcome to access the remote control camera on the roof of Palma Auditorium. Click on the link ‘Camera Palma Bay‘ on the left of this page.

Already these two cameras are moving around eagerly, responding to everybody who clicks on one of the preset positions, so don’t get dizzy…

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2 comments on “Weather Reversal

  1. Nice picture of the Bay!! I remember waking up on that day and looking out of the window, amazed about the snow on the terraces. But the sights up in the mountains, e.g. Valdemossa, or of the white covered beaches are truly amazing.

    • Thank you for your comment. Though, I must confess, I can take no credit for the photo. The post was, for the most part, re-blogged from Interview Mallorca. I wish I could have seen the snow in Mallorca. It is only now snowing here in the Midwest, more than ten days after I posted this. I miss the snow here, but I imagine you are ready to return to the Mediterranean climate you are known for in Mallorca.

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