Castle Craving

I was that little girl who loved to imagine she was a princess, now I am a woman who, while I have a healthy respect for princess worldwide, would just like to admire your pretty palaces, castles and fortresses. This addition of Tuesday’s (Wednesday’s) Travels focuses on just that, more specifically the Alicante’s largest and most intact castle La castillo de santa barbara. The castle was originally buit by the moors in the 10th centrury and was only later captured and renamed by the christian king Alfonso the Wise (a pretty cool dude who will probably get his own post at some point). The castel is most known for its iconic watch tower and the beautiful views from the castle. Admission is free (yay!) and in the summer they host live concerts, also free (double yay!)


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  1. Elsie Peng says:

    Nice! Hope u really visit there somedays

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