A not so lonely book on Spain

Another item off my list! (almost)

I am working my way through the 2011 edition of Lonely Planet’s Spain. (check out the accompanying website here) I confess I am only half way through this very large book, but I have read most of the information provided on cities I may actually attend. So far I am enjoying in.

    Things I am loving
  • suggested walking tours by city
  • Informational and easy to read introductions to each city or region
  • price ranges for everything
  • regional and city maps
  • great pictures
  • interesting fun facts
  • decent section on Mallorca and the Balearic Islands
    • Things I wish I could change
  • The accommodations are not student budget friendly
  • Most of the night life information focuses on Jazz (not that I have anything specific against jazz I would just like to listen to something else every once in a while)
  • Many of the food venues are also out of my price range
  • while interesting, I would rather the space for extensive information on places I will probably never see, because they are only accessible by car, be used for places I might actually see
  • I wish I had brought an electronic copy
  • Advertisements