An Eyewitness Review on Eyewitness Mallorca

For those of you who are regular readers let me apologize for my absence, I was on spring break and without a computer to type on. (I really do not like typing on my cell phone)

Moving on.

The Review
I just finished another part of my list, I read another book on Mallorca. This book is titled Mallorca, Menorca & Ibiza and is compiled by eyewitness travel. You can check out the companion Mallorca website here.

Things I loved

  • 140 Pages just on the Islands
  • Lay introduction to the Islands’ histories, weather and cultures
  • Street-by-street maps
  • Visual break downs of major attractions
  • The book “walks” you around each island
  • Things I wish I could change

  • I wish it was available in a digital form
  • The accomidations are generally not within a student price range
  • I wish there was more information on activities which do not require a car for transportation
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    1. Anita Mac says:

      I used their pocket guide for Prague – it was great. Loved the top 10 section.

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