Who’s studying abroad: The US and UIowa

I just found this post online and find it fascinating. If the passport pic had blond hair it could be me. Little scary.Though I have some other exciting news…

There are two UIowa students studying in Palma de Mallorca in the fall!

I don’t know his name, I will meet him when I go to small group orientation in April (or is it May?). All I know is that he is a man, he is from Iowa, and he will only be studying there in the fall. I have to say that it is nice to know that there will be at least one familiar face when I get to Spain. I know they say it is great to have the familiar around when you go through the harder parts of culture shock. I am also excited (sorry if you are the he and you are reading this) that he is leaving after the first semester, I will be all on my own for the spring. Well, at least alone from the Iowan I started with.

while I recognize this a terrifying thought to some the idea of starting someplace new and fresh always excites me. It is the same reason I loved overnight summer camp as a kid and was so excited to start college, I love being a blank slate. I love it when the rest of the world can only see the traces of what I have done and been elsewhere, but can only read what I choose to show them. I think it is exciting (have I said that enough?) and invigorating for the soul.

What are your thoughts on living/ traveling where no one knows who you are?


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  1. mallek8 says:

    Hi! It’s me, American Girl Lost in Mallorca. If you want, when you get here, I would love to meet up and have a drink, tell you good places, etc. Lemme know! You know where to find me. 😉


    • I would love a first had point of view when I get there. I will let you know when I am there. Especially if I can get to know all the best places to go the easy way. I’ll keep reading and stay in touch. 🙂

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