Another One Down (sorta)

Some of you may have noticed that I have two new counters to the side of the page. Well, one of my goals before I left was to-day dream weekly. Originally I thought I would share those day dreams with you all, but then I realized that day dreams tend to be just that, dreams. They are a thought triggered by a sight or a sound and are gone as fast as the wind or whim which triggered them. They are what keeps me awake at night, for good or for bad. They are fanciful and warped, they are intimate, they are impossible to put into words. Each day I will update my counter of dreams so that you know they are happening, but I do not have to try to explain them to you. I started with 100 as a base number. This is probably not close to where I am really at, but I did not want to try to guess the numbers of my dreams of Spain so this is what I have for you.
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