A Country at a Standstill?

I have great respect for unions, my dad has been an active member in his union since he graduated college, so this report gives me mixed feelings. 1. I am proud of workers for standing up for fair treatment. 2. on the other hand if, as the author seems to suggest, Spain is headed to protests like Greece’s I am worried about study abroad.

What are your thoughts on striking?

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Today’s motto will be 29-M Huelga General.

A nationwide General Strike is scheduled for Spain for today, March 29th. Beware. 445 flights have been cancelled so far, between Iberia and Air Europe alone. Trains, buses, taxis, underground and ferry services will also be affected, as well as petrol stations, postal services, hospitals, TV and radio stations, court rooms, street cleaning services, public libraries, and many other facilities, including schools and universities.

Some minimum services will be maintained, it is said but, who really knows? The country may suffer a virtual standstill.

The strike was called by Spain’s largest unions in protest to the government’s recent change of legislation of workers’ rights and a cutback in compensation in the case of the termination of an employment contract. By 07h00 this morning, there had been 39 arrests all over Spain, in the main of pickets.

A demonstration will be held today at…

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3 comments on “A Country at a Standstill?

  1. Anita Mac says:

    We were lucky. A group of us were on vacation in Mallorca at the time of the strikes. Not reading the papers or watching the news (our Spanish isn’t that good!!), we didn’t know what to expect. Thankfully, all the people at the hotel were very helpful and we were not left stranded. Not knowing all the issues, we did not know what to expect. We were able to still go out for the day, enjoy the beauty of the island, and were happy to not see any signs of violence. I would have been sad to one of my favourite places to visit marred with scenes of violence and pain.

    • I am so glad to hear that you didn’t experience any problems. I was just reading a bit in the paper here that some of the economic problems in the government have abated a bit for now, but I love to know that there were no problems even when there was a strike. I have to say though, I really hope something good came of all of that striking. Did you notice any changes in Spain after the day of striking?

  2. gaiabathtime says:

    My trusted Rosa who is the pillar in charge of sales for our small business in Palma de Mallorca to horror closed the shop for the first day of the strike. Her argument was that she is a good socialist and that she worried someone would could smash our windows. In my opinion nether was a consideration! What our lovely country/ island needs is a return to basics and work ethics… stand out by being open when others are closed… work when others are striking. My local Andraitx town hall was open and working as, they said the had too much work to do to strike! That’s the way forward and I am pleased to see the spirit! looking forward to perhaps meeting you in Palma when you start your studies in September. Come and find our all girl business!

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