What the peanut gallery advised

Ok so maybe they are not the peanut gallery and in fact I asked for some advice, but it was the only creative title I could come up with this morning. After asking for some advice from past CIEE students from the Palma program I was inundated with friendly advice. This is what they said>

The General Advice

    • Have a great time! (etc)
    • You’re going to love it (I am not sure how this is advice, but it was a common theme in responses.) This was often followed up with never leave. (which is advice)
    • Apparently Agua bar is the place to be on ladies night.
    • Explore and have an open mind
    • Oh and travel

    Some of my favorite pieces I didn’t expect

    • Do whatever PePe says. (I don’t know who PePe is but I imagine he is one awesome dude.)
    • Don’t pass out on thanksgiving (this one was also strange and confusing)
    • Drink sangria on the beach whenever it is offered and never wish that you were home

    a long and heartfelt response (or he was just sick of the updates)

    This one I have copied word for word from the website. There was no way to cut it back and still have its integrity. this one is from Jillian. Thank you.

    Hello lovely Palma people! I keep getting notifications about what to do so I’m going to write down my favorites. I spent 10 months in Palma an every single day I dream about going back, it absolutely changed my life. Suggestions for you:
    1. Go to agua bar. Every Thursday is ladies night from 7-9.. Free wine and cava for the ladies.. Also the bartenders are awesome guys from NY and they have great live music on Sunday’s.
    2. For active people: my FAVORITE activity was running along the med past the cathedral. Also biking to arenal (German hangout you will learn about) is a bit of a hike but a bike is 50cents and it makes for a great day.
    3. HIT THAT PASEO! Clubs are so fun, but the people below aren’t kidding, prices are expensive. Surely go to titos once for the experience, but once is enough. La suite is free and fabulous. Also keep in mind (this took me months to get used to) don’t start drinking at 8 like we do here (you will die) in Spain it’s very typical to go out around to and come back around 6, I’m confident you’ll get the hang of it.
    3. Hang with Erasmus kids! I have great friends I’ll never forget all over the world now. It’s so fun and you’ll learn so much about other cultures, while getting to practice Spanish. 2 of my best friends were Spanish and I still talk to them constantly.
    4. EAT nomnom the food is so amazing, I learned how to cook from my host mom, and I use her recipes and tips ALL the time here. Gaining weight is what abroad is for.. The food in America will suck forever once youve eaten in Europe.
    5. Travel– around Europe and on the island. Especially on the island. There are some beautiful places, I highly recommend cala varquez, my favorite beach, and also formentera. Take advantage of it. Also Dublin and Italy are amazing!
    6. Spend time with and bond with your host fam. I absolutely loved my host family and miss them every day. You’ll learn so much about Spanish culture and your speaking ability will skyrocket.
    7. Do the tapas route on Tuesday’s- 2 euro for a tapa and glass of caña (beer) or wine. Really fun and a great way to spend time with friends and meet new people.
    8. Explore– get on buses, go on walks/runs/bike rides. There’s so much to see and it’s so different from America.
    9. Immerse yourself– you will all bond so much in the CIEE group and will love Antonia and susan. But you need to hang with Spanish people your age too. It’s really the best way to learn the language, and they’ll be eager to help you.
    10. Finally (promise I’ll shut up now) do not waste a minute. Go to the beach, make friends, go to all of Palmas awesome festivals and hang out at the cathedral at night (not alone) and take it all in. Whether you have a resaca (hangover) are tired, sick, don’t waste any time, because it flies.

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    what advice would you give?


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      • Honestly I am so excited, but so not ready to go yet. There is still so much stuff I have to do at home before i go and I would not want to miss a second of any of it. It is kinda hard to imagine that we will be there in less than five months though!

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