Just Go: Packing Seminars

If you are reading this and you are preparing to study abroad, you are ahead of the game. I am also going to bet that you have done some research on what to pack for wherever it is that you are going. I could go into long details about recommendations others have given, like the ones here, here, and here, but that is not what I have come to tell you today. I have come to say GO TO PACKING SEMINARS!

Reasons to go

  1. If you have not done any research on what to bring, they can usually set you in the right direction. 
  2. Every little tip is a good thing, especially if it saves  you time, money, or space. 
  3. They give away free stuff most of the time. 

Yesterday’s Seminar

Yesterday, as you might have surmised, was my first university sponsored packing seminar. I will admit I was skeptical about what I was going to learn from the seminar and I was generally right. However I did learn a few great pieces of information. 

  1. Don’t buy the expensive bag organizers, Zip Block bags will get the job done at a fraction of the price and keep everything dry. 
  2. Rain coats for travel can fit down into their own pockets. This feature is both cool and space saving. 
  3. If you are bringing a backpack (a big one), buy the large black bag that goes with it. These flight bags turn your backpack into luggage and make them insurable by the airport. If  you don’t put it in a bag and something happens, good luck getting anything from the airport. 
  4. Free stuff rocks. Everyone there got something for free. (I won a passport holder) One girl even won a 200 backpack.