The rain looked something like this

Here in Iowa it has been a little wet lately. And by wet I mean every few days there is torrential. Rain so heavy to can’t walk to your car without being soaked through. Rain that causes flash flood warnings. Rain where you can’t drive too fast because you can’t see. The rain was that perfect temperature though, it made you want to sing in the rain. So I did.

I wish it looked more like this, but this is Iowa.

There is a semi long and mundane story behind how this came to be (I’ll spare you), but I needed to do laundry at my boyfriends last night. I was faced with a conundrum. How does one transport two + weeks worth of cloths without getting them soaked?BACKPACK! (that was my answer by the way)I figured this would be a great opportunity to load up my pack and check it out. And it was a success, if you ignore the number of really odd stares that I got. You would think for a college town a backpack would seam less strange.