Some thoughts on the end of the world: otherwise known as finals week

So this is it. My last academic week at The University of Iowa for the next 15 months. Wow… it really will be 15 months. Anyway I was going to write some ranting post about the visa application that I have been completing (don’t get too excited it is coming later), it has just been one of those weeks. Between finals and losing a blue bag containing among other things my makeup, favorite bra (ladies you know what I am talking about here) and my apartment and office keys. I swear the thing must have gotten up and walked away. ‘Cuz I cannot find it anywhere.

So feeling all down on the world and frustrated with traveling, (more on that in the visa blog) I was wandering around Facebook, avoiding studying like any other self respecting college student when I found this quote. I found it at the Palma de Mallorca Facebook Group. It was posted by the resident director and it lifted my spirits and sent my mind into a wonderful day dream.

‎”If you’re at your wits end, or think you are, which amounts to the same thing, if you’re dazed and confused by the noise of civilisation and the haste to get someplace where you find you have nothing to do, if busyness has swamped your brain with facts and science blinded you with gimmickry, then follow me to an island where calm reigns, where the men never hurry and the women never age, and even the sun and the moon move at a more leisurely pace” – like this begins ‘La Illa de la Calma’, the famous celebration of Mallorca by the modernist painter and writer Santiago Rusiñol

I was touched. I was moved. I was mesmerized. I have always said I am going to slow down (don’t roll your eyes too hard mom), but it always seams so hard. Everyone is always rushing everywhere. The days and nights pass faster than the blink of an eye. Maybe there really is a place out there where this is not true. Maybe I will live there. Maybe in the world of technology it is an impossible dream, but I dream none the less.

What do you dream about leaving behind from this fast passed world? Is there something you have left behind? Do you miss it?