My brain hurts… it must be finals week

Caution: Beginning of blog may contain whining and irritated funnies. 🙂

In 30 min my next final starts (Yes it is from 8-10 pm) and my brain already hurts. I have been studying and working since 8 am. Not a big deal if I this was not like day three. Now 8 am to 10 pm is not bad, if you don’t spend most of it thinking. Have I told you yet my brain hurts. Maybe it is because I have been staring at the computer all day because I refuse to use any more printing money if I don’t have too, maybe I am just feeling a little overwhelmed by all these friggin equations I am supposed to memorize. Either way I am giving myself this time to take a break from finals and write about what I did today that was even more exasperating and exciting…

I finished my study abroad visa application!


I had all of the information I needed int (more on this later I promise), but all I was missing was my medical clearance. Normal student visas in Spain do not require one, unless you are crazy like me and you will be there for the academic year. All I needed to do was go to student health and get two lines written out and signed by a physician. Sounds easy enough right. Wrong.

All right let me give credit where credit is due. It is not policy here at Iowa to see any student for a physical without scheduling three weeks in advance. The nice lady in the scheduling office got me in in two (after I called 5 times to ask, but still). The examine itself was less intense than any physical I have ever had in my life. It literally took five min. I was sailing high. I was thinking the universe was shining on me and this whole process would only take the half hour I hoped it would. Then I asked for a signature and a sentence. 

At first the PA, a very nice woman in case any of you were wondering, wrote that I was medically cleared to travel. Well that was not what I wanted. The sheet needed to say that I was medically clear to travel under the international health agreement of 2005 (or something along those lines). Well, by the time I realized this she was with another paitant. So over the next two hours I would talk with her for five min at a time to try and get this medical duilema all sorted. Did I mention that she did not know what this aforementioned document was/is and was worried I might need additional medical clearance to get my visa. By the time I left I was satisfied that I was in fact ready with all I need but thoroughly hot and bothered.

But, all is well on this Iowa front. I got to the mail box at 5:20 and last pick up is 5:30. Looks like my document will be in Main a whole 24 hours before the deadline. Woot for me. *patting myself on the back*

Alright I am off to take my second to last final of the year. Wish me luck or at least easy grading and I will write at you later.


9 comments on “My brain hurts… it must be finals week

  1. Sarah says:

    Congratulations on finishing your visa application (over a month ago now, but still, congrats)! When I spent a year studying in France, applying for the visa was definitely the most annoying part. But at least you’ve got the hard stuff out of the way…Time to plan the fun stuff now!

    • Thanks for the congrats. Utter won’t feel real until i can put my hands on my visa next week, but it felt good to send it away. Where in France were you studying?

      • Sarah says:

        I studied in Nantes (northwest France) for a year! I would say that you certainly made the right choice in deciding to stay abroad for a year! You won’t want to leave!

  2. Jacek says:

    The more effort you put in preparation, the more pleasure you get from your stay in Palma 🙂 by the way, did you receive e-mail from UIB about free Catala language course?

    • I have not check my email in a couple of days. Finals were winding down and now I am getting settled at home. Are you thinking about taking one? Also, my polish “uncle” wanted me to ask you where in Poland you are from.

      • Jacek says:

        I think so. I’m from Subcarpathia ( pol. Podkarpacie) region 🙂

      • Awesome. i might want to join you for those if you don’t mind. I would love to take a catalan class, but I don’t think I am going to have time for it in my schedule. also thanks for the information I will pass it along. I will let you know what my uncle says

  3. Mom says:

    Hang in there, baby. I’m thinking about you.

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