For those of you who know me, my life long obsession with food is well known. If you are new, welcome and please forgive my condition. I thought this a delightful summary of some of what i would like to taste next year. Buen comida!

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Spanish food is excellent and beautiful. And where lies the secret? In that it mainly relies upon superb products and ingredients which hardly require any transformation to be turned into mouth-watering creations. The variety of Spanish cooking is so wide that choosing only five dishes or products is extremely difficult. Anyway, here follows my own (very personal) selection of five Spanish foods you shouldn’t miss if you ever visit Spain. Some may be well known outside of Spain, some others may not. But the recollections of many of them bring tears to my eyes… pleasure tears.

Gazpacho and Andalusian cold soups


The ubiquitous gazpacho, this cold soup made primarily from tomato, green pepper and bread originated in sunny Andalusia, but it can be eaten almost anywhere in Spain. As in any traditional Spanish dish, outstanding quality ingredients are essential to prepare a superb gazpacho. Therefore, gazpacho is at its best…

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