80 more goodbyes

I leave in 80 days. Can you believe it? Each day it feels like i am saying goodbye to something new. I know i will see or do many things many times between now and than. I may love to travel, yet some small part of me will always yearn for home.

When traveling I tend to create home wherever I am. I tend to feel more at peace and more a part of the community if I have a home. Sometimes that home is a hotel room, a coffee shop or even a person. My tenancy means i have to say goodbye to these homes as well. Someone once said to me

with the victor might go the spoils but also their trials and pain

. I guess that’s true.

Regardless, the time to leave is fast approaching. I say goodbye slowly to say goodbyes and to allow others (dad) ready to say them as well. How do you say goodbye?


One comment on “80 more goodbyes

  1. Anita Mac says:

    I tend to say – see ya later! Never as final as goodbye!

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