12 steps to picking up your visa like a normal person

How not to look like a loony when picking up your visa.

Almost two weeks ago now (yes I know I have been absent from the blogoshphere) I picked up my Spain visa. I didn’t realize that picking up your visa from the post office might require a manual until I got like 35 looks that said <<what is that girl on>>. I quickly realized that there are lots of other enthusiasts for life like me out there who might want to blend in a little better with the normals. So here is my rough guide.

Accepting your visa like a normal

  1. Do not loudly announce to anyone who will listen, and some who try not to, that you have ideed received the email from CIEE that your visa has been processed and should be at your door in  5-10 business days.
  2. Whenever possible have someone at your home to sign for your certified package which containsyour passport and continue to step eleven.
  3. If you are required to pick up your visa from the post office make sure that you can pick it up on the weekend. If possible skip to step six.
  4. If required to leave work early do not write in big highlighter letters on your calender PASSPORT PICK UP!. Also an additional YAY! at the end would be considered excessive. (seriously)
  5. When leaving work do not tell every co-worker on your way out that you are going to pick up your passport. If you add a little happy dance on the end expect strange stares so avoid them wherever possible.
  6. Driving to the post office should be done in your normal manner. Do not wave or smile at strangers. Do not make up your own songs in Spanish and sing them at the top of your lungs like you know what you are doing. You probably don’t.
  7. Upon arriving at the post office, do not skip, hop, dance or express any other form of excessive frivolity as you head from your car to the office. This is generally only considered appropriate when you are old enough to rock pig tails and lacy socks.
  8. Remember that the old lady in line does not care why you are at the post office. When she allows you to go ahead of you in line it should be because she needs to address her post not that she thinks you have lost some of your marbles.
  9. Just like the the lady in line the post man probably does not care why you are at the post office. Do not repeat the happy dance upon picking up your item.
  10. Turn around and walk out of the post office and back to your car when you have your visa. Do not immediately open your package and search frantically for your visa in your passport. Do not repeat your happy dance while hugging your passport to yourself like it is going to grow wings and fly away.
  11. When returning home do not call your parents, friends and/or significant other in an incomprehensible voice about how excited you are that you got your passport. If you follow this advice you will not be annoyed when you are frequently asked to repeat yourself.
  12. Put your passport away and continue with life as usual. You are now a normal person. You have no need to walk around with your passport for a week just so you can remind yourself that it is real. Remember you are normal.

If you follow these 12 steps you are sure to look normal to the outside. Just remember normal is boring, have fun be strange.

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  2. Anita Mac says:

    Live life like you mean it!!! Don’t worry about the stares and have a great time!

    • Thanks Anita. Do you know the song im sexy and i know it? I like to think that my lyrics would be im crazy and i love it. Then there would be a dance. I just wish more people knew that about themselves.

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