Five things I’m bringing for me: an introduction

As I have begun the packing process (more on the practical bits later) I have begun to realize that there are some things that I want to bring with me to Palma de Mallorca, Spain, just for me. For only me. I decided that for me, I am going to try and bring five (and only five) personal things with me to Spain to remind me of home. Some (most) of these things will not have any practical value. They will be unnecessary for everyday life. They may not mean anything to you (yet), but these are all little pieces of home and of the people I am leaving behind. These are things to feed my soul and to remind me that where I come from is a part of who I am and who I will be. So… Please enjoy my five.

The five things I’m bringing with me:

  1. Winter

If you could only bring five things that served no purpose what would they be?