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Visa Applications

Have you ever had a thought only to have someone near you articulate the very thing you had been thinking? Have you ever read someone else’s story and thought, wow they could be writing about me? Have you ever wished you would have articulated as well as they did? This is one of those moments.

For quite some time I have been looking for the best way to share the tedious, frustrating, face-palm-slide experience that is the visa application. I find myself coming up short time after time. Maybe the idea of writing about driving crazy distances across the Midwest while singing at the top of my lungs so I can get a background check done sounds uninteresting to me, or at the very least embarrassing. Then, I started to read and <<POOF>> the light bulb went off above my head as I was reading about others experiences. I would share their stories, share the stories which echoed my own.

I have not scoured the internet for these stories. they are simply stories I have encountered over the last week which ring true to me and what the visa application process embodies. Please enjoy.

  • Sweet and Honey is sweet and short in her descriptions. Plus she has awesome nails. (seriously)
  • Travel Spanish is new to the blog-o-sphere but does talk about lines and waiting. (story of my life)
  • Keegan may be going abroad too, but she is WAY better and updating her blog than I am. (especially when it comes to the visa application process)
  • Lady K Crcles the Globe and my heart with her recollection of receiving her visa in the mail.
  • Traveling 3805 miles, this high school junior is better prepared than the rest of us.

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