Five things I am bringing with me: Winter

For those of you who do not know me. I LOVE winter. Why are you going to a tropical island for a year than? you ask. Well, there are lots of reasons, I will not go into those details here, but I will provides some perspective on how much I love winter in the midwest with two examples.

Examples of winter love.

The snow I am bringing with me.

1. Every year I dance in the first snow fall and feel sad when the last brown slushy snow puddle melts. I may be excited for spring to come but I am always sad when winter is over. FYI this is generally not a normal reaction to snow. For a reference to what these scenes might look like check out my post on picking up my passport.

2. The one year that we did not have snow on Christmas… I cried. Snow to me means holidays where families stop fighting to come together. It means warm hearty soups. It means once a year decorations. It means fresh baked goods. It means clean slates. It means warm homes and happy hearts. I LOVE SNOW.

So I am bringing snow with me to Mallorca.

That’s right I am bringing snow. Now I cannot bring the literal snow. Not the cold wet sticky snow, but I am bringing with me the plastic kind. My mom gave me these ornaments for Christmas this year so I could have a reminder of her, my family, and snow on Christmas. I might take them out a little sooner than that.

What season would you bring with you if you could?


3 comments on “Five things I am bringing with me: Winter

  1. love your post about snow, who knows maybe this year will snow in Mallorca, last year we had some snow, believe it or not! Maybe it was because we had one Iowa student like you who brought snow… Ha ha ha

  2. Pernilla says:

    I’d have to agree. Winter is by far the season I miss the most while traveling. I guess for me winter equals home.

    • It always amazes me how snow seams to get in the blood. That those who are raised with it miss it when its gone, but those who are born in snow free regions think we are crazy.

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