This is it


This is the begining of my year abroad. This is the plane that will take me to Spain. This is this is the last hour and a half when i can use my phone like normal. This is the last time when most everyone will speak English around me gore some time. This is it. I don’t know when i will have time and internet to post again so until the. Eso es todo, adiĆ³s.


When it rains it pours.


Literally. As i sit in the airport waiting for my first of three flights to mallorca it is raining steadily. As it is supposed to do in Chicago, Madrid and malloca. Im just glad i have my rain coat in hand in case my bags get lost. (knock on wood they don’t) Also a shout out to my madre who hauled my duffel from inequality terminal to the other. You are a beast Mon and i love you. Oh and that giant bag, it weighs 45 and has to wheels, just in case you were wondering.