Jet Lag, It exists

They do this brilliant thing in Madrid, they color-coat their ceiling so that it is easier to find your gate, i.e. J is yellow and H is red.

Well, It is day two. In Spain it is about 8:20 in the AM and I am sitting in my hotel room. I can’t say that I feel the most rested of all of the days in my life but I am certainly doing better than the other year long student L (I have not asked her permission to add her name to my blog so we will just stick with first letters of her name), who flew in from Seatle yesterday and did not sleep on the plane. Jet lag, it exists.

I was fortunate to meet up with P, also from The University of Iowa, at the Chicago airport as we loaded our plane to Madrid. While we didn’t get to chat a lot before or on the 8 hour flight to Madrid, it did pass the time during our 4 hour lay over in Madrid.

My first real glimpse of the island. See those clear blue waters? Ya, me too. I kinda did the happy dance on the plane. It was good my row mate was asleep.

From Madrid it was a short hop to Mallorca, almost exactly the time it takes to get from Minneapolis to Chicago. I am going to be honest I slept most of the time on this plane ride as my internal clock said it was time for bed, but I did get to see us leave the coast of Spain and fly over Mallorca. Sometimes screaming babies are a good thing.

Getting to our hotel was easy enough once we found our GA who will be called SpaL (her name also beings with L). Our hotel is beautiful and modern. We had about four hours to settle in, call home (only .o1 cents a min on GMail), take a shower (once we figured out how to get the lights in our room to work, it is a long, funny and embarrassing story I MIGHT tell you one day, and finally, gloriously, sleep in a bed.

Now it is time for breakfast, more on orientation and my host family later today after I meet and move in with my host family. GASP! I am terrified and excited all at the same time. Have you ever lived with a host family, what was your experience? Would you do it again? If not, why?