Pictures to come soon ( I promise) but, first a list of somethings I learned today.

  1. Sometimes swimming to an island off the shore is a good idea, sometimes there are sharp rocks, but it is still a good idea.
  2. Sunscreen is a must, tell your friends. Seriously sometimes they burn and it looks painful.
  3. Sometimes in Spain women don’t ware tops at the beach. Ok… maybe it happens a lot. Get used to it, just be careful when taking pictures
  4. Political protests sometimes lead to your bus being rerouted, but sometimes it means there is good music  for free as you walk home too.
  5. The key to my apartment goes in the opposite direction as the one in the US. Oh and when you switch from mumbling angrily in Spanish to swearing in English, people notice.
  6. You hit the button for the floor you are on not the floor you want when you are calling the elevator. If you hit the floor you want it goes up there instead. Oh and you have to manually open the first of the elevator doors.
  7. Sometimes Spanish families talk loudly and all at the same time, this does not mad that they are mad. Seriously you probably did not say anything wrong.
  8. Massive groups of motos in the street at night are confusing, loud, and awesome to watch from your balcony.
  9. Spaniards drive like they all own the road, fact. Watch where you are walking.
  10. Oh Ya one more for a round 10 of todays lessons. THIS ISLAND IS FRIGGING BEAuTIFuL!

Did you learn anything today?