My first Spanish night out

So for anyone who knows me at all back in the states, you might be surprised that last nightI danced and drank (I was safe Dad I promise) until five in the morning, like a true Spaniard. There was a great deal for ERASMUS studnets (the international student group) at their welcome party last night, for 10 euros you got in and 3 cocktails of your choice. Now they under poured all the drinks, but since most big clubs in Palma have a 10 or 20 euro cover, it was OK. I am not really a club goer but one of the men in my program is, hence my vast (eye roll) knowledge)

A little sweaty from dancing the night away, but unable to stop smiling.

It was a good night at Lunita, Luna being the main club. The club music was a strange mix between the best of 80’s and 90’s pop hits and euro club music. For example in the space of an hour they played the chorus to Grease Lightning, We will rock you and thriller, along with the Spanish pop hit takata, which is a song about the booty pop. While the music was a little all over the board, I danced for almost 2.5 hours with people from Spain, Italy, Germany, and GB to name a few.

I can say that it is a night I will never forget. It is moments like these which remind me how much of what makes study abroad so important is steping out of the box we all live in. I FRIGGIN danced until it was hard to walk home with people from around the world. I am blessed every day to be here, to meet people with so many interesting stories who are brought together by these joint experiences. I am blessed to be able to party like a Spaniard, except maybe not so much with the drinking, they can really hold their alcohol.

Oh and before I go. One more picture of the strange hired dancer who we named lady dead eyes. And until next time tell me this, if you could step out of one of your boxes for a day what would it be?

Lady Dead Eyes