Somtimes being alive is enough…

A few quick updates:

  • my laptop no longer works with the internet, though an internal reset seams to have fixed everything else. I am now just able to post from school, so my apologies on the long absence.
  • I am a little sick but on the up and up thanks to my Spanish madre.
  • Coming soon: Madrid, the first few days of classes, and so much more.

Sometimes being alive is enough…

I had all of these plans to post updates on my life today, but then I had some somewhat shocking news. Some news I did not expect to shake me at all quite frankly and has really made me think about what I am doing here in Spain. Today I learned that a young man, a student here at the UIB, was arrested today for possession of 140 kilos of explosive, which he intended to use on the university. His desire was to ¨create the next Comlobine.¨

If you want more information on the story you can find it here at RVTE (in spanish) or at the BBC or CNN. I am not here to share with you the details of the bombers story of how the police stopped him though, I am no journalist, I am however a student here. I would have been a victim or a survivor, and that my friends is something hard to imagine for me.

I am old enough to remember 9/11, yet not old enough to remember how is shook america. I do not remember a time before it. While this is not the first time that I have had my world shaken, it gave me a glimpse at how blessed I am to be able to say that I do not know what it was like to watch the towers fall and wonder if my loved ones were in there. I am blessed to be able to whine about a computer being broken. I am blessed not to have to live through a Columbine, a Madrid train bombing, a war in my back yard. Today being alive is enough… and yet…

… being alive is not all there is. In the last few days I have been a little lathargic, a little relaxed in my time here, but being here is not enough. We are blessed every day to be alive and sometime it is good to live like a Spaniard, so today I say “Vamos a vivir: ¿Qué son dos dias?” which translates into Let us live life, it only lasts two days, ie it is short.

Today being alive is more than enough because I can be more than just alive I can live.