Monday Morning Sunset

I love the morning and I am not afraid to say it. I also love watching the sunrise and set, especially when it is a spectacular thing to behold. Well here in Palma my apartment, the parts I have access to in the morning at least, all face west. So every monday morning from now on (so it will be closer to midnight where you are, but that’s good too) I am going to create my own spectacular sunrise. How you ask. Well I am going to share one of the many breathtaking photographs of the sun setting I have taken since I have been here and I hope many more that I will take. So enjoy. My first morning sunset.

Orange Glow

Taken just a few days after I moved into my apartment in Palma this was the first sunset I saw that took my breath away. I was out snapping pictures and my host sister, Lola, asked to give the panorama thing a go. My camera makes lots of fun snappy noises when it takes a panorama, so who can blame her. Anyway… she took the best picture of the night so I thought I would share it with you.