Top ten things i do when I should be studying…

Spanish edition

Now Dad, don´t panic. I do actually do my homework. I am not failing my classes.  I am doing this right, but we can´t all be perfect. So here are my study pitfalls for my first semester in Spain.

These are, as always, in no particular order.

  1. Reading the first 5 books in Game of Thrones. If you have not read them, DO! They are amazing. Tough I warn you not to get too attached to any one character, they will probably get brutally murdered at some point in time. If you have them because they are annoying when the narrate, look for them to survive. Tough seriously. These books are amazing
  2. Facebook. Yup. The world goes round and Facebook still eats your life.
  3. Skype. Missing people from home? Wanting to brag about how amazing your life is? Want to hear the same inane stories friends tell each other over and over again? Skype is your friend. Just remember, talking about your paper to someone 5,000 miles away does not make it disappear.
  4. Walking the dogs. And no this does not involve a yoyo, but it does involve a stroll through old town Palma and the ocean. What is so much better than manth, waves dramatically crashing into rocks next to a gothic cathedral.  
  5. Blogs. I love getting to share, but sometimes … well you know how it goes.
  6. Travel web sites: *sing this with me* Where in the world is… If you did not finish that, you are probably not of my generation. Anyway… dreaming about traveling to cool new place, esp. places I might actually go > math problems.
  7. Picture editing. With over 4,000 pictures taken, there is often sorting to be done
  8. Excursioning. (is that a word?) Hike a mountain, see a castle, walk a beach,  you name it. It is probably available. It is probably more fun than homework. It has at some point distracted me.
  9. Cleaning. I don´t know about anyone else, but when I have something I am avoiding I tend to do the things I need to do but have been avoiding. Say hello to cleaning.
  10. The ever tempting friends. With more opportunities and more people to do it with, life can get tempting.

What do you do when you should be studying?