Club music: It’s a thing

First “It’s a thing” is apparently a thing on the west coast. I have to give a shout out to my good friend Isabelle who taught me that wisdom as she goodheartedly mocked my Midwestern accent. Apparently that is also “a thing.”

While I may not be on board with her analysis of my strong and hilarious Midwestern accent, i am sure about one thing. Club music in Mallorca. It’s a thing. It’s a thing in a big way.

It is in fact impossible to escape the american pop remakes, the bouncing beets of euro pop, and the songs which simply demand that you jump up and down like you are cool. While this type of music is not inherently bad, in fact in it’s place it can be the best kind of music, it does have a place. People of europe, please learn this.

While call me maybe was the anthem of coffee shops, shopping center, car speakers, and sweaty clubs alike, you know that one; right? In fact I bet you are probably singing it in your head. (just in case you are wondering, I won’t be calling you)

No matter what I think about this cluby music, it is an integral part of my experience here. I don’t think I will remember gangam style without remembering the first time I heard it in a hotel room in Madrid. I won’t be able to hear the beat of call me maybe without thinking of 100 spaniards singing words that were almost “call me maybe” but not quite.

This weeks word is related to just that. A true Spanish pop song. (Shout out to my advisor Antonia who sent me the link) Give it a listen and let me know what your thoughts are on club music in Europe because club music: It’s a thing.