Top 12 from 2012

This post is long past due and something I have wanted to do for more than a month now. Here are 12 awesome things from 2012. Without further ado, here they are in chronological order.

  1. Madison with the BF: I spent the week after New Year’s with my my boyfriend. I spent the week being shown off (introduced) to family and friends and exploring the beautiful city of Madison, WI.
  2. Dance Marathon: I danced FTK (for the kids) at U Iowa’s Dance Marathon. A 24 hour dance celebration (participants are not supposed to sit for down from 6 pm Friday night until 6 pm Saturday night.)that works to raise money for children’s cancer. (more info here) It was one of the hardest experiences of my life. I didn’t make it all the way. I confess. I almost feinted at the end from exhaustion. I would not trade if for the world. I don’t think I will do it again.
  3. Jar meal: My BF and I save all of the money we find, or bet each other, for fun spending only. Slowly quarters, nickles and dimes go into the jar. Our first jar money purchase was a meal for under 10 dollars.
  4. Easter: My best friends and I continued our tradition of celebrating Easter together. After a month of lent it felt great to cook meat and sweets to share with friends.
  5. Being the National Communication’s Coordinator (NCC) for The University of Iowa Associate Residence Halls (ARH) This one doesn’t really have a time, it is several things in one. In 2012 that meant winning the school of the year award in our region, along with several others. That meant organizing three different schools to go together to Boulder, CO. That meant all of the great memories with ARH and NRHH
  6. Hunting and Fishing with my dad: Maybe this makes me SUPER Midwestern  Maybe this makes me sentimental. Maybe those things are both true, but either way, I am always happy to spend what time I can just my dad and I doing our things. Be it fish, foul, or bear.
  7. Moving to Spain: I won’t blither on about this too much. Read back posts if want that (joking…mostly). Let me just say it has been one of the hardest and most rewarding experiences of my life. It all began here (if you are interested)
  8. Madrid: Our first trip with CIEE, just a few weeks into our program, we were off to Madrid for a long weekend. We bonded as a group and I began to realize what this was all about. Check out my post from the time, Madrid in My Lense. 
  9. Sweden: The 5 days I spent in Sweden were amazing. I have never been to a place so different yet so like where I am from. I could read the body language of people. I could see for the first time where my people come from. It was beautiful and so like home I cried on the bus after I woke up from a nap and thought I was home for a minuet. (Don’t tell anyone it is a secret). Posts from that trip: Hello Sweden!, Monday Morning Sunset: StockholmMonday Morning Sunset: SwedenWhat’s Up in Uppsala and, Top Ten Surprises from Sweden.
  10. Peninsula with the parentals: Spending the holidays with my Dad and Connie was great. It was great to get to see them again. It was enchanting to spend Christmas in Segovia, and the New Year in Madrid.

Friday Top Ten: Inventing the Toaster Strudle.

Friday Top Ten: Inventing the Toaster Strudle.

If you don´t get the reference let me explain some truths for you, ten in fact.

1. I did not invent the toaster struddle.

2. A team of product developers invented the toaster struddle.

3. Gretchen Weiner’s dad was not a member of said team

4. Tina Fey is full of comic genious.

5. There are life lessons to be learned from her.

6. Mean girl´s is a great example of her gifts of wisdom to people everywhere. It is comic and informative.

7. Please know I am 80% serious.

8. I am running out of things to say.

9. Watching mean girls is a great idea.

10. The article linked to above is smarter than me and should be refered to for 42 life lessons from mean girls.

11. bonus! If you are 20 something, you should check out the rest of the sight, Thought Catalog, for some chuckles.

Sunday’s Prayer

Earth Teach Me to Remember

by John Yellow Lark


Earth teach me stillness/as the grasses are stilled with light. /Earth teach me suffering/as the old stones suffer with memory./Earth teach me humility/as the blossoms are humble with beginning./ Earth teach me caring/as the mother who secures her young./Earth teach me courage/ as the tree which stands alone./ Earth teach me limitation/as the ant which crawls on the ground./Earth teach me freedom/as the eagle which soars in the sky./Earth teach me resignation/ as the leaves which die in the fall/Earth teach me regeneration/as the seed which rises in the spring./Earth teach me to forget myself/ as melted snow forgets its life./ Earth teach me to remember kindness/ as the dry fields weep in the rain.


I have been absent for some days as I reach a crunch time in my semester. I should be back in two weeks. Until then happy browsing and check out this meme page for what my life has become.