Club music: It’s a thing

First “It’s a thing” is apparently a thing on the west coast. I have to give a shout out to my good friend Isabelle who taught me that wisdom as she goodheartedly mocked my Midwestern accent. Apparently that is also “a thing.”

While I may not be on board with her analysis of my strong and hilarious Midwestern accent, i am sure about one thing. Club music in Mallorca. It’s a thing. It’s a thing in a big way.

It is in fact impossible to escape the american pop remakes, the bouncing beets of euro pop, and the songs which simply demand that you jump up and down like you are cool. While this type of music is not inherently bad, in fact in it’s place it can be the best kind of music, it does have a place. People of europe, please learn this.

While call me maybe was the anthem of coffee shops, shopping center, car speakers, and sweaty clubs alike, you know that one; right? In fact I bet you are probably singing it in your head. (just in case you are wondering, I won’t be calling you)

No matter what I think about this cluby music, it is an integral part of my experience here. I don’t think I will remember gangam style without remembering the first time I heard it in a hotel room in Madrid. I won’t be able to hear the beat of call me maybe without thinking of 100 spaniards singing words that were almost “call me maybe” but not quite.

This weeks word is related to just that. A true Spanish pop song. (Shout out to my advisor Antonia who sent me the link) Give it a listen and let me know what your thoughts are on club music in Europe because club music: It’s a thing.



I have been listening to a lot of music lately. Trying to find some new bands that have the sound I am looking for. I have hit my max listening to what I know. The radio here provides nothing really, at all. So I went exploring. I found Bebe. I kind of dig them. What do you think?


Wednesday´s Word: PuppyBowl

Yes I did make it one word. Do you have a problem with that? You are the internet of course not. As all of my friends and family in the states get ready for the Super Bowl and I continue to lick the wounds from my current post season bet losses (more than 5 dollars worth), there is something else, something more important, I am reminded of. THE PUPPY BOWL.

This week´s video is a recap of last year´s games.

I love puppy bowl, what do you love about Super Bowl season?


What up Mallorca

OK. So I am still working on uploading ALL of my pictures from winter break, but I do have an awesome video for you today. (OK sorry about all of the italicizing) So one of the many things, and one of the few not dull to talk about things, that I worked on before I left for vacation was this video. I worked on it with my friend Erik, who is who posted the video for me. (THANKS ERIK!) I must warn you that it is all in Spanish, but I have translated all of the text into english. You can find it below the video. 

When you hear the words Balearic Islands, Mallorca, or Palma it is likely that you imagine the white sandy beaches and Mediterranean sun, but the islands, especially Palma de Mallorca offer so much more for you to enjoy. If you want to have a great time when the sun has set, for then euros or less, we have five ideas for you that you won´t find in any guide book.

¡Venga! ¡Vamos!

One of the things you need to start your fabulous night in Palma is one of the Mediterranean sunset. They exist nowhere else in the world.  One of the best parts of the sunsets is that they are FREE. You can see a spectacular, but different, sunset in every part of the city.

If you are looking for the young crowds in Palma on a Tuesday or Wednesday night you need only look in one place, the Ruta Martiana (Tuesday night route).  A beer or a glass of wine with a tapa is only 2 euros.  With more than 12 small bars, this is a great place to pass an inexpensive night.

It is not important what type of music you like, Palma offers a wide variety of live music every night of the week. Two examples of great places are Shamrock, on the Paseo Maritimo, and Blues Ville, near the cathedral.  Both bars offer live performances of Rock, Reggae, Blues, and more. Have a drink, or two, and have a great night out with your friends for less than 10 euros.

A well known tradition in all of Spain, and especially the Balearic Islands, is a night in one of the best clubs in the world. Every weekend you can find an inexpensive and lively party in most of the clubs. If you leave before the sun rises you have left before the party is over.

If you don´t want to pay for a great night out, or you want something a little more relaxed, you have the opportunity to see the beautifully illuminated monuments around the city. The cathedral is a great example of a place which is more beautiful and more precious at night. Also, if you are in Palma during the holiday season you have the unique opportunity to see the lights all around the city. They create a special sense of magic.

See you soon and safe travels!