I can see clearly now…

The rain is gone….

Da da da daaaa dadada dadada… dadada…

The rain bow this morning when I woke up made me feel hopeful. Maybe more hopeful than the day turned out. (not a top ten day in the least. good thing it’s not Friday.) Now that this day is almost over

Now that the day is over, this picture still makes me smile.

Trying to see the world a little clear today.

Trying to see the world a little clear today.


Friday Top Ten: Inventing the Toaster Strudle.

Friday Top Ten: Inventing the Toaster Strudle.

If you don´t get the reference let me explain some truths for you, ten in fact.

1. I did not invent the toaster struddle.

2. A team of product developers invented the toaster struddle.

3. Gretchen Weiner’s dad was not a member of said team

4. Tina Fey is full of comic genious.

5. There are life lessons to be learned from her.

6. Mean girl´s is a great example of her gifts of wisdom to people everywhere. It is comic and informative.

7. Please know I am 80% serious.

8. I am running out of things to say.

9. Watching mean girls is a great idea.

10. The article linked to above is smarter than me and should be refered to for 42 life lessons from mean girls.

11. bonus! If you are 20 something, you should check out the rest of the sight, Thought Catalog, for some chuckles.

Wednesday´s Word: PuppyBowl

Yes I did make it one word. Do you have a problem with that? You are the internet of course not. As all of my friends and family in the states get ready for the Super Bowl and I continue to lick the wounds from my current post season bet losses (more than 5 dollars worth), there is something else, something more important, I am reminded of. THE PUPPY BOWL.

This week´s video is a recap of last year´s games.

I love puppy bowl, what do you love about Super Bowl season?