I can see clearly now…

The rain is gone….

Da da da daaaa dadada dadada… dadada…

The rain bow this morning when I woke up made me feel hopeful. Maybe more hopeful than the day turned out. (not a top ten day in the least. good thing it’s not Friday.) Now that this day is almost over

Now that the day is over, this picture still makes me smile.

Trying to see the world a little clear today.

Trying to see the world a little clear today.


Monday mourning sunset

Soller, Mallorca, Spain

Goodbye Tamar. May you rest in peace.

As the sun was rising in Palma this Monday, another one half way around the world was setting. Tamar was a debater I knew in High School, we traveled together and she was very close friends with my teammates. This Sunday, just before midnight in Oruro Bolivia, she died. Suddenly and tragically after being severely injured in a Land Rover accident on the 2nd. Tamar was always full of life and spirit when I knew her and, if the stories I have been hearing recently have an ounce of truth, she was still one of the kindest and happiest people around. Not only that she had smarts. You can find her full story here, or at her CaringBridge sight here.

I wish I had something more eloquent to say here, something I could tell her parents, her friends, her family, to let them know she was loved, but I donĀ“t know what that is. Instead all I can say is she will be missed, a sun has set, and this one is for you Tamar, wherever you are.

(Photos taken at a refugio near Soller, Mallorca. Oct 2012)

(Photos taken at a refugio near Soller, Mallorca. Oct 2012)

Monday Morning Sunset: Stockholm, Sweden

I spent the last five days in Sweden. Three of those days were in Stockholm, two more in Uppsala, and I have lots of things to share with you. But before I say anything else it is Monday and there was one really amazing sunset in Stockhom.

As I sat writing postcards to friends and family back home, this was my view. Nice enough, but then the sun began to set (at 4:15 pm!) and the view became spectacular.

Monday Morning Sunset: Muleta

This last weekend CIEE went up into the mountains for a hike and stayed one night in a refugio in the mountains. We sat at the edge of the sea, on cliffs hundreds of feet high and watched the sun set.

What do you do when sitting on a cliff watching the sunset, but take pictures!

The sun sinking into the sea.

Group shot

The cliffs changed colors even as the sky

DERP! One Last one to make you smile.