Wednesday’s Word: One lumpy planet

Did you ever have to or choose to read one of Thomas Freedman’s works? Best know for his commentaries on the globalization and “flattening” or the world, it’s economies, and its cultures his works, and others like them, are often discussed in relation to studying abroad. (Wiki summary here) While I imagine the sharp contrasts between the arguments made in Freedman’s book and what is often the reality is would be sharply visible in third world countries it surprises me what I can see even here.

Living in the protected bubble that is the USA I imagined myself a global citizen. I imagined I would come here, to Europe an informed citizen, and I am, but only in comparison to other Americans. I have learned a great deal about the Europe and it’s politics since arriving, though it only emphasizes how much I don’t know.

My story (however brief) is not unique. I know I have friends here who feel the same way as me, but what do you, the world wide web, think. Wait, don’t tell me yet. Watch the video, it is not very long. What was your reaction? Whatever it is, whether you tell me or not, I bet it will leave you thinking.

Until next time.



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