Welcome to the list, my list, this bucket list of sorts. I have been a mental list maker for a very long time and a journal keeper, a list of my thoughts and happenings. This blog was begun as a list. So, for all of you who are tired of sorting through my lists and would like the boiled down, simplified version of my dreams for the coming months.

Last Semester at Iowa

The Summer Before

  • Live with my parents so I can live abroad.
  • Aquier second job, so I can afford life on the Euro.
  • Read 1 Spanish novel, so I don’t forget anything
  • Find spanish conversation group back home, so I don’t forget how to talk
  • Attend said conversation group.
  •  Pack
  • Say my goodbyes
  • Figure out a good host gift

In Palma

  • Become fluent in Spanish
  • Swim in the ocean
  • Become a part of the family
  • Eat fresh sea food
  • Take 1,000,000 pictures. literally (current count 211)
  • Smell an almond blossom
  • Discover a beach
  • Drink a cup of chocolate
  • Attend a EURASMUS Event
  • One great night at a discoteca
  • snow (ok so this might not happen, but whose asking)
  • Eat a meal entirely of Tapas from different Tapas bars.
  • Tackle a portion of my travel destination wish list. (coming soon)


What do you think?

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